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Too much leadership

LeadershipI do believe that the spiritual gift of leadership is important for churches. But sometimes I feel like churches who spend so much time and money on “raising up leaders” would be better off if they helped those new leaders develop some administrative gifts as well.

Think about it. Do we really need more people with new ideas and bigger visions and fresh anointings?

Or do we need people who can translate vision into all the necessary actions that have to happen—in the right order, at the right time, with the right people—so that vision can become reality?


Yes, the correct answer is “Both,” but somehow the gift of administration doesn’t have the cachet that the gift of leadership currently has. Leadership gets the spotlight, the books and workbooks, the seminars, the websites, the pitch from the pulpit. Administration stays in the office and orders the materials.

That’s not great.


Ideally, Leadership and Administration would work together toward a common vision. Churches who understand how the two gifts complement each other can save themselves a lot of wasted time. And emotion.

Leaders and Administrators need each other like vision and strategy need each other. Like eyes and hands need each other. Neither is more important than the other. Each helps the other fulfill its purpose.


Since we agree that the Church is the Body of Christ, and each part needs all the others, couldn’t we spend more time encouraging Leaders to also develop their inner Administrator? Or, if necessary, to recognize when they don’t have this gift, so they can partner with someone who does?


Church and football

church and football

My friend and mentor, Steve Elzinga, started a church near his home when he lived in Illinois. He called his church Halftime. At the time, I thought that was a stupid name for a church. I mean, I get that he was trying to speak the language of the guys in his neighborhood, and I [...]

Churches: What kind of Bible study do you really want your people in?

Bible study

Last night I met with a young disciple who told me she believes in God, and she believes He has a plan for her life, but she doesn't know how to discover that plan, so she asked for my help. She told me her story. She told me about her search for spiritual answers. She told [...]

Continued web host frustrations

Continued web host frustrations thumbnail

I continue to have trouble with the new web host I chose a few weeks ago, and that has affected my ability to work on blog posts when I need to. Also, the time I'm spending in conversation with tech support is time that I am not writing, which also affects my output. So I apologize [...]

Review update:
my Vtec lenses and iOS 8

Vtec telephoto lens on iPhone

In early 2013 I bought a set of Vtec lenses for my iPhone 4. I posted a review that showed the impressive difference they were making in my photography. I've continued to use these lenses almost weekly, and I really appreciate the range they give me. But last week I upgraded my iPhone 5s  to iOS [...]

Writing lessons from the heron outside my window

from the heron outside my window

He shows up at the pond day after day, sometimes in the still morning, often at sunset, and once I saw his outline in the reeds after dark. Stealthy on his stilt-legs, he seems to glide through the brown water, step after slow step. He's fishing, I assume. Now, I have never seen him catch a fish. (I'm [...]

Behind the screen: a look at the LifeLines office

LifeLines office

It has been too long since I posted a new blog, and I attribute that to a digital move as well as a physical move. My last post foreshadowed my website's move to InMotion Hosting (which I may post more about later). This post offers a glimpse of the physical move of the LifeLines office. [...]

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