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Christmas Rebus 3

Christmas rebusThis week’s  game

It’s our third and final Christmas rebus puzzle! Can you tell what Christmas song is represented by the rebus above?

Email your guess to (DON’T put your guess in the comments—you’ll ruin it for everyone!)

Last week’s name

The name of the carol suggested by last week’s Christmas rebus was, of course, Carol of the Bells (CareBear – Bear Olaf Dumbbells). Now, technically, I should have added a “- M” after the photo of the dumbbells, so I apologize if that rebus design error threw you off.

Fame and acclaim

Christmas kudos go to the following LifeLines readers for their rapid rebus responses:

1. Michelle Lagestee is back!

Michelle_100Oddly enough, Michelle’s email did not reach my inbox until 7:40am, which seems slow for our Queen of Christmas Games. And her arch rival Jim Heethuis (who did not clock in until 9:52am) had this to say: “It takes me a while to get used to your schedule. Pretty late on this one, but I think it’s Carol of the Bells.” Now, “my schedule” is largely unchanged from week to week:

  • I have each week’s game set up to post at 6:00am (Chicago time) each Wednesday.
  • That triggers the Feedblitz subscription service to send an email to all LifeLines subscribers. I don’t really know how long “the sending” takes, nor do I know if all subscribers receive an email at the same time.
  • I also post a link on Facebook, but I wait until after 7:00am to do that.

So it’s quite possible technology was a factor in the Rebus 2 competition, but that in no way diminishes Michelle’s victory. Technology in a blog game is like weather in a football game: It is what it is. Anyway, welcome back Mistletoe Michelle!

2. Welcome, Edie Aardsma!

Edie_100Like last week, this week we have another first-time player who has won a silver medal in this week’s game. I believe Edie is a Facebook connection rather than a LifeLines subscriber, but in this case that did not turn out to be a disadvantage. Edie emailed the correct answer from her handy-dandy iPad, and I received it at 7:44am. Well done, Elfin Edie!

3. Welcome back, Jim Grutzius!

Jim_100Jim is a long-time fan of LifeLines Christmas games, probably because he’s so good at them! He was not a winner in last year’s Christmas Mondegreens series (perhaps he was put off by the fierce competition between Jim Heethuis and Michelle Lagestee?), but he did win in both 2012 and 2011. And here he is again! Congratulations, Jingle Jim!

I will also give a shout out to my brother Ken who not only played the game for the first time this year, but played it with his daughter Edith, reminding us that Christmas truly is a time for family as well as fierce competition. The sad news is, Ken and Edith posted their answer in the comments rather than emailing it to me, so I had to disqualify them, and I felt like a Grinch for doing so!

As it turns out, the posting of the winners is scheduled for 6:00am next Wednesday, which happens to be Christmas Eve. What a joyous way to begin the holiday festivities!


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