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I have a number of posts in various stages of readiness, but at the moment not a single one of them is ready for publishing. So rather than leave you with emptiness in your inbox this week, I’m sending this fun video as filler. It has nothing to do with writing, business, faith, or politics. I could not think of a way to tie it in to this blog at all!

Can you? Will you try? Post your idea in the comments below. Think of it as a creativity exercise! See if you can come up with an answer to this question:

How might this video be relevant to “helping you share your story”?


Social Media frenzy—
six years later

social media

One of the advantages of having a blog is that it creates a record of not just activities, but also my thoughts about those activities. So it was helpful for me to re-read the post I'm re-running below. It reminded me that there was a time when I was NOT on social media! Can you [...]

Heaven and earth


My heaven has no passionless harp-strummers, no starry-eyed cloud-walkers, no Peter handing out wings at the gate. Not a white-washed temple nor marble mansion, nor misty stage. No silent mass of robes and halos, no. My heaven bristles and glows! My Zion teems with busyness and greenery. Its people sparkle, inside-to-out— stone-skippers, kite-flyers, these. Music, yes, [...]

An appeal for Independence [Day]

Almost exactly 10 years ago, I was asked to write a fundraising appeal for a foundation that was raising money for healthcare for seniors. And they wanted this appeal to arrive in American donors' homes around July 4, Independence Day. It was an interesting request, and, frankly, I thought I did a nice job of tying [...]

Leadership and citizenship: a public apology

Leadership and citizenship: a public apology thumbnail

A few weeks ago, someone asked me why I rather suddenly began attending village board meetings and making public comments at those meetings. It's a fair question. I have lived in Lansing all my life, and prior to this year I had attended exactly one (1) village board meeting. But around March of this year I began [...]

Dads don’t retire either

Dads don’t retire

"In June you can change the 'mom' to 'dad' in your post and say the very same things. He's an extraordinary father (and husband)." a This is what my mom emailed me in response to my Mothers Day post this year, "Moms don't retire." And it's true. My dad is extraordinary—in the truest sense of [...]

Revisiting Why (do I) blog?

Revisiting <em>Why (do I) blog?</em> thumbnail

Although I first posted this blog five years ago, I believe it remains true and relevant today. If you're still not sure what a "blog" is, this blog's for you! originally published October 20, 2010 Many of you who subscribe to this LifeLines blog are rather new to blogging. You're not sure what "blogs" are, [...]

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