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Expressing yourself

Expressing yourselfI recently spoke to a Creative Writing class at a local high school. The kids were bright and funny and curious, and I enjoyed interacting with them.

“Self-expression” was a topic we touched on—briefly, but more than once—and it got me thinking later.

Of course writing is a way of expressing yourself, and wanting to express yourself is a legitimate reason to write.

But there’s so much more.

Writing is also a way to discover and process the larger, changing, complex, familiar world around you.

When you encounter something new, you are more likely to remember it if you can name it. And you’re more likely to understand it if you have to describe it.

In struggling to find just the right words to share that new experience or idea with someone else, you refine your own understanding of it. Without that struggle, the experience is more likely to fade.

Writing is not just about getting our ideas out. It’s also about getting new ideas in.


Ash Wednesday acrostic haiku

Ash Wednesday


Text, subtext, and context

Text, subtext, and context thumbnail

I'm posting this blog in my Nonprofit Writing category because it was prompted by a series of conversations that took place in a multicultural church. Nonprofits that have some kind of "diversity" component might find it instructive. But I'm also posting it in the Personal Writing category because I keep thinking about it—and that probably has more to [...]

Review: Moment lens

Review Moment lens

Maybe this is shallow of me, but the first thing I liked about the telephoto lens I bought from was the packaging it came in. The mailing parcel was a solid, plain, brown box that perfectly fit and confidently protected the simple black box inside. The black box inside snugly carried my Moment 2x telephoto [...]

Finding Common Ground

common ground

I don't even like to use the word "race" when talking about people of different ethnicities and nationalities. There is only one race—the human race. To call white people a different race than brown people is inaccurate. But I use the word sometimes because it has worked its way into the American lexicon, and it is widely [...]

Finding God

Finding God thumbnail

Most churches are not very good at reaching the lost. Why not? Well, for one thing, because we think of them as "the lost"! In fact, we think of them as "them," someone other than "us." This "us" and "them" mentality is at the heart of the church's irrelevance in today's world. We church members consider ourselves “in.” We've [...]

Things I liked about
Exodus: Gods and Kings

Things I liked about <br /><em>Exodus: Gods and Kings</em> thumbnail

Confidence. Bible movies I've seen before have portrayed young Moses as an unsure outsider in the Pharaoh's palace—a man who knew he was Hebrew and didn't quite belong. Exodus presents him as a confident military leader and privileged member of the Pharaoh's advisory team, completely unaware of his Hebrew heritage. I have no idea if this [...]

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