Everyone has a story to share

For those of you who have followed my weekly posts for the past seven years, thank you for your readership and your participation in the discussions that sometimes ensued. I’ve enjoyed the community we created together. But now I’m taking a break from regular posting. I prepared the post below as a piece that can remain on my home page and serve as a portal to previous writings. I’ll also be tinkering with the site, trying to keep it organized, add new features, and maintain it as a useful resource. If you choose to keep your LifeLines subscription active, you’ll receive an email whenever I do post something new; I just wanted to let you know that won’t be happening with any regularity. Thanks again. And feel free to contact me at info@lifelinespublishing.com if you have any questions.

helping you share your story

LifeLines can help you share yours.

LifeLines Publishing offers writing and editing services to businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. Need to turn your website into a client-attracting tool? Want to use that photo in an effective fundraising appeal? Wish you could turn your memories into a self-published book? LifeLines can help. Annual Reports, blogs, brochures, business cards, catalogs, Facebook pages, newsletters, memorial programs, memoirs—all are beautiful ways to share your story with the world.

  • Business writing

    Businesses—writing style, graphics, and layout impact how customers hear your message. Hiring LifeLines lets you focus on the things only you can do.

  • Nonprofit writing

    Nonprofits—well-told stories in effective appeal letters can convert skeptical prospects into generous donors who are eager to fund new projects. When you’re too close to your cause to speak the language of potential donors, hire LifeLines.

  • Personal or family writing

    Do you have a story or memoir or collection of poetry you want to share with your family (or an even wider audience)? LifeLines can proofread, edit, and design your document, and then help publish it in hardcover or paperback.

P.S. One other category

I do have one other category of writing: Politics. I don’t consider myself politically intelligent, but occasionally I need to express something about citizenship or leadership or government. If you are interested in those writings, they can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Everyone has a story to share

  1. I have often enjoyed your blog and hope you will continue to write occasionally because you are a deep thinker and an exceptional writer. Much success in your future writing endeavors.I am going to try some family writing since I have only one sibling left and she has advanced dementia. I feel a little like the “keeper of the memories”.

    • You are very kind! And I have appreciated the encouragement I’ve received from you and other readers. Maybe this will turn out to be a “Sabbath” year for me, and I’ll come back next year reinvigorated!

      I hope you enjoy the family writing you plan to do. That is, I hope you enjoy the process as well as the result. Many years ago my parents gave me a book called To Our Children’s Children. It’s a book of questions designed to spark memories. Writing your answers to the questions can make the process of gathering your family memories a little less daunting. :)

      Feel free to contact me if you get stuck and need a pep talk!

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