A new name for Breakfast Club
(We’re getting close!)

The deadline is upon us: it’s time to choose a new name for this program—before the new program year begins!

The program pairs two people of different cultures and equips them to meet monthly for at least one year to share a meal and meaningful conversation. The conversations are guided by a monthly list of discussion questions that focus on matters of faith, race, family traditions, and personal life journeys.

Previous name-change surveys involved choosing from a list of possibilities, and then leaving an explanation for your preference in the comments.

We’re going to do things a little differently this time.

Below are graphic images of the two options. Under each one, I’ll explain what I think are its strong points and weak points. Then I’ll ask you to give your opinion.


Option 1:


  • “Common Ground” has a similar rhythm to “Breakfast Club,” so transitioning to this name would be fairly easy.
  • The tagline has a nice contrast and balance.
  • The concept is recognizable. That is, the purpose of the program—finding common ground—is clearly stated in the name.

Possible weakness:

  • There is no direct reference to the spiritual element of the program—is that a problem?

Option 2


  • The word “Exchange” has several layers of meaning—exchanging information, exchanging gifts, exchanging old ideas for new, etc. There’s also an implication of learning about a new culture, as in “cultural exchange” or “exchange student.”
  • The way each part of the word is emphasized graphically also allows for interpretation, implying that both people will experience change as they each come “out of” (ex) their old way of looking at things.
  • The font used for the first part of the word gives the suggestion of a cross and a heart, two elements that are crucial to the program.
  • The word “transformation” in the tagline suggests a spiritual force at work—or am I reading too much into this?

Possible weakness:

  • All those layers of meaning could be perceived as confusing rather than profound.
  • The spiritual element of the program is suggested, but not obvious—is that a weakness?

Your thoughts?

I sincerely believe that one of these two names is perfect for our program—I just don’t know which one! So when you share your opinion in the comments below, I hope you’ll tell me more than just “Option 1” or “Option 2.” I hope you’ll help me think through questions like:

  • Which name captures the essence of the program most clearly?
  • Which name makes people think?
  • Does either name have any unintended meanings or implications we should be aware of?
  • Which tagline does a better job of illuminating the concept?
  • Are the taglines interchangeable?
  • Should the name or the tagline specifically say that this is a Biblical/spiritual/church program, not just a diversity training exercise?

Please, enlighten me!


8 thoughts on “A new name for Breakfast Club <br>(We’re getting close!)”

  1. Hi Melanie,

    Both names make people think, which is always a good thing, but then I think you’ve got to really pay it off in the tagline. The tagline in Common Ground does a better job of this, but you’re right, it would work just as well with Exchange.

    I like Common Ground because at least it implies the idea of the two people coming together to share a meal. On the other hand, Exchange conveys the idea that there will be lively discussion at the meal.

    If there’s still time, I might think about a name and tagline combination that telegraphs exactly what the program is. Just a couple quick thoughts:

    Finding meaning through shared experience

    Celebrating life, faith, and culture

    12 meals. 12 months. 12 memories.

    Hope this helps!

  2. I received this input verbally from Kim B, who asked me to share it. She prefers “Common Ground,” and she suggests highlighting the G, O, and D of Ground to emphasize the spiritual strength of the program. She doesn’t prefer “ExCHANGE” because it reminds her of Currency Exchange.

    Any thoughts on that?

  3. This comment came from Don G via email: “I like option one. It aptly describes what you quickly come to understand from your gatherings—our common ground. The title and sub-titles do have a religious connotation to me. Option two seems to require an explanation of what it means, and is too vague.”

  4. Hey MJ,

    I really like both names – excellent work! I am leaning toward common Ground – it has a positive spin, and sounds a little more inviting to me than Exchange. The positive about Exchange to me is the tagline – Transformation through relation – it is memorable and catchy. The tagline for common ground is a little complex, and doesn’t stick in my mind (note: I have a small brain). Would it be wierd to have the tagline transformation through relation with Common Ground??

    Side note – i would be proud of either name…

    • Thanks, Pastor Dave! Your endorsement and encouragement mean a lot to me. I will play around with switching up the taglines and see what comes of that. Either way, I think we’ll be ready to launch the new program year with the new name!

  5. I also got this comment from Tricia S, who has been participating in the program this year: “I looked at the two options for the new name of the Breakfast Club. With the meetings that Ada and I have been having, I can say that Common Ground would define us. I don’t think the tagline is quite right. We have found out our differences, but they pale to our newfound friendship. Why not just say — forging new friendships.”

  6. And here’s some input from my friend Karen R: “I looked at them both, and I think that Common Ground most clearly communicates what you have in mind. I also think it works well graphically, and tagline-wise. It’s probably more “common” than the exchange concept (which I do like in the dialogue sense), but I don’t think that matters in this case. I feel the exchange tagline is beating around the bush. I like the directness and “understandability” of Common Ground. If I see it, I think I’d know exactly what I’m in for. Graphically, too, I’m drawn to the ex in exchange, and when I see that, probably the first thing that pops into my head is an ex spouse, boyfriend, etc. If others would have that same feeling, maybe people would think it’s some sort of relationship recovery group.”

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