Everyone has a story to share.

Businesses want their customers to know what they do and how much it costs. Parents want their children to know what it was like to come to America, or grow up during the Depression, or survive cancer. Nonprofits want their donors to know how many children need to be sponsored, or how many Bibles need to be translated, or how much it will cost to keep the doors open. Everyone has a story to share.

But not everyone knows how to share most effectively. That’s why they ask for my help.

“Exactly what the client is looking for” and other enthusiastic endorsements

“Melanie excels in her creativity and ability to quickly grasp the concept of what exactly her client is looking for. I am confident to leave my project in her hands and am excited to see what she produces. I have never been even slightly disappointed. She is very detailed, excited about the possibilities and always meets the deadlines.” (D.D., small business owner)

“Melanie is the finest editor I have encountered. As a writer, I have encountered several editors who have lost my voice in the process. Melanie edits my work without losing my voice.” (C.K., writer and speaker)

“Melanie helped me create effective press releases for the launch of my business in 2007. Her efforts resulted in several speaking engagements and a wonderful, full-page article on the front page of the Southtown Business Section, Sunday Edition.” (L.V., small business owner)

“She follows the parameters of the client’s style and brand while offering much of her own expertise and creativity. I trust her completely to handle sensitive content, and I appreciate her quick turnaround on projects.” (W.D., department manager for a religious non-profit)

“She thinks creatively. She asks good questions. She gives clear direction. She’s such a good collaborator, I actually forgot she was juggling lots of other projects besides mine. Despite her years of experience and obvious gifts, she is completely approachable and unpretentious.” (E.N., graphic designer)

Need more testimonials? Visit my LinkedIn profile and read why other professionals have recommended me.

What you get

When you hire LifeLines, you hire me and my 25 years of commercial writing experience. I don’t have a staff of junior copywriters that I pass your project to. Occasionally, I ask for input or fresh perspective from trusted friends and respected colleagues, but your job gets my personal attention all the way.

I believe in feedback, and I welcome it. Whether I’m posting a new blog entry here, or working on a project just for you, please let me know when I’ve hurt you or helped you, when I’ve been unclear or made you think about something in a new way, when I’ve bored you or inspired you or misunderstood you completely. Your feedback makes me a better writer!

Free help, on these pages

You might not have a specific project you need help with right now, but go ahead and poke around this website to receive free inspiration, encouragement, and ideas—no charge!

As you read about the help I’ve offered others, you might get ideas for new ways to share your own story. If you’re inspired enough to do that on your own, go for it! If you’d like my help sharing your story, let me know!

  • For help with editing your memoirs or other book-length document, check my Manuscript Services.
  • For help with sharing your business or ministry story (through business cards, ads, marketing collateral, etc.), check out my Portfolio and Pricing information.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Random facts about Melanie

  • I have ridden an elephant four times in my life.
  • I own the entire collection of Agatha Christie mysteries.
  • One day I would like to travel to Australia and spend a couple weeks not just doing the tourist-y things but also spending some time off the beaten path—exploring, listening to people, getting a sense of the culture.
  • I imperfectly follow the teachings of Jesus as they are presented in the Bible and discussed among small groups of Christians who do not depend solely on a church for their spiritual nourishment.
  • I’ve never been stung by a bee.
  • I used to speak fluent German.
  • I have been to the opera exactly once.
  • Favorite sport? Tennis.
  • I’m not much of a cook, but I do like to eat.