Getting organized—

“Melanie helped us organize our talks for churches about our recent experiences overseas. It was an amazing experience—what a gift!” –Janet K

Blog accolades—

Thanks WE Magazine! LifeLines was included in their list of 101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2011! I have no idea how I made the list, but I think it’s pretty cool, don’t you?

Press releases and publicity—

“Melanie helped me create effective press releases for the launch of my business in 2007. Her efforts resulted in several speaking engagements and a wonderful, full-page article on the front page of the Southtown Business Section, Sunday Edition. In addition, Melanie took my son’s poetry to date and created a published piece that took his breath away. It was a wonderful way to honor his creativity, passion, and character. It is a birthday gift he will not soon forget. I strongly recommend Melanie. Her integrity, experience, and creative results set her apart. You will be truly blessed by her attitude and work.” –Lara V

Creativity and deadlines—

“Melanie excels in her creativity and ability to quickly grasp the concept of what exactly her client is looking for. I am confident to leave my project in her hands and am excited to see what she produces. I have never been even slightly disappointed. She is very detailed, excited about the possibilities and always meets the deadlines.” –Dori D


“Melanie is the finest editor I have encountered. As a writer, I have encountered several editors who have lost my voice in the process. Melanie edits my work without losing my voice. She cleans up the work, so it gives it credibility, yet she remains in the background. I believe that is a sign of a great editor. I would recommend using her editing for any writing project.”
–Chris K

Skills and presentation—

“Melanie is not only an excellent, thoughtful designer, she also brings a variety of other skills to the table. She writes and communicates well and is a careful listener, making sure she understands all aspects of a project. She cares deeply about her work and the people she works with. But there’s more: Melanie is a good teacher and presenter. She organizes her material well and expresses herself clearly and succinctly. I highly recommend Melanie for practically any important design, copy, or communications project.”
–Stewart S


“Melanie taught me so much in the years I worked for her. She is extremely efficient and she values those under her supervision. One thing that stands out is her value of innovation. She created an environment where our staff could think outside the box and come up with new ways to deal with old issues. Melanie is a strong leader who understands the value of a team.”
–Marilyn M


“Having worked with Melanie for years, I have learned to appreciate her stellar ability in designing print materials which exemplify the products and/or services of each unique client she serves. I highly recommend her!”
–Paul K

Dreams fulfilled—

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of my sister in the book publishing process. I knew you were the person for the job, and you lived up to your high standards. She is so excited, and, therefore, so am I. I am deeply grateful, not only for what you do, but just as much for who you are.” –Jason P

“I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel seeing this 40-year-old project coming to fruition. Thank you!” –George G


“You did it—thanks so much! We are ready to go. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Hopefully the next one will be easier. Thanks again, and blessings.” –Linda R


“Melanie’s work for us combines the best in what we desire to meet our freelance needs. She follows the parameters of the client’s style and brand while offering much of her own expertise and creativity. I trust her completely to handle sensitive content, and I appreciate her quick turnaround on projects. I highly recommend her to others who value these qualities.” –Wayne D


“Melanie worked on several projects for our organization, and on each one she delivered an outstanding product, on time, and for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend her!” –Josh V

What can I do for you?

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