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A few months ago I began playing around with updating the look of the LifeLines brand. And because this website is the communication tool I use most frequently, I wanted to update my website at the same time I introduced my new logo. So I began making some behind-the-scenes changes—new pages and images and ways of organizing information.

In the middle of that, DIYthemes (which makes and supports Thesis, the theme I use) announced they would soon release Thesis 2.0. This would be a major overhaul with a lot of bells and whistles—all great, but I knew there would be a learning curve.

Even more recently, I began to read rumors about the demise of Feedburner, which is the subscription service LifeLines has used for the past three years. I don’t understand all the technospeak, but I knew it was time to investigate other options.

My brand, my web theme, and my subscription service—it’s a perfect storm of updating!

What this means for LifeLines readers

For the first time in my personal blogging history, I will skip a week of blogging (10/24). I need some time to focus on these updates and test the technology. For LifeLines subscribers, that means:

  • You won’t receive a “LifeLines, by Melanie Jongsma” email next Wednesday.
  • You might be asked to resubscribe to Feedblitz, my new subscription service. (I don’t think this will happen, but it’s possible.) If somehow you get unsubscribed, you can click here to resubscribe.
  • If you try to visit LifeLines during the remodeling process, there might be times when pages don’t load.

My plan is to be back on schedule with a fresh new blog on 10/31. I want to make sure things are running smoothly because I have some fun posts planned for the holiday season.

I do appreciate your readership, your patience, and your input, and I hope you’ll stick with me through this remodeling project.

Thank you!

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