Christmas Mondegreens, Round 2

The winners!

LifeLines thumb driveCongratulations to the winners of Round 1, each of whom will soon receive a stylish 1GB LifeLines thumb drive in the mail:

  1. Amanda Cleary-Eastep (correct answers emailed 7:27am, 12/4)
  2. Karin Vredeveld (correct answers emailed 9:39am, 12/4)
  3. Andre Nauta (correct answers emailed 10:06, 12/4)

Also notice that none of these winners is Michelle Lagestee! She dominated the game last year, thwarting even Jim Heethuis‘ repeated efforts to outwit her. I did notice that Jim has now subscribed to LifeLines, so maybe that will improve his odds.

The answers

  • Go Stuff Charisma Spress Ant = Ghost of Christmas present

  • Fir Awes Teeth Us Gnome An = Frosty the Snowman

  • Jewels Hooch Are Riot Kid = You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

The game

You have only this week and next week left to play! Once you’ve figured out all three Christmas phrases, send them to me IN AN EMAIL(Don’t post your answers in the comments! Or on Facebook!)

The prize

Cancer Freedom

The first three people to send me the correct three phrases this week will each win an autographed copy of Cancer Freedom! I know, maybe this is not much of a gift if you haven’t gone through a cancer experience, but it was the first book I published myself (though it had previously been published by Baker Books), so I’m still kind of proud of it. Bear with me.

The mondegreens

Ready to play? Here are this week’s three mondegreens:

  • Juicy Wad Icy

  • Wheat Tree Keen Saw Furry In Tar

  • A Pond Duh How Stop Brained Ear Paws

Remember, this is much more fun to play as a group! Get your whole family involved!