Christmas Mondegreens, Round 3

The winners!

Cancer Freedom

Congratulations to the winners of Round 2, each of whom will soon be receiving an autographed copy of my first published and self-published book, Cancer Freedom (and I will not be hurt if you re-gift it):

  1. Pastor Jim Heethuis (correct answers emailed 7:33am, 12/11)
  2. Michelle Lagestee–she’s back! (correct answers emailed 7:57am, 12/11)
  3. Newcomer Susan Culp (correct answers emailed 8:47am, 12/11)

I feel the need to point out that it was only after Jim Heethuis became a LifeLines subscriber that he became a Mondegreen winner. Coincidence? Possibly. But is that a risk you want to take?

The answers

  • Juicy Wad Icy = Do You See What I See?

  • Wheat Tree Keen Saw Furry In Tar = We Three Kings of Orient Are

  • A Pond Duh How Stop Brained Ear Paws = Upon the Housetop Reindeer Pause

The game

This is our last week to play Christmas Mondegreens! Once you’ve figured out all three Christmas phrases, send them to me IN AN EMAIL(Don’t post your answers in the comments! Or on Facebook!)

The prize

The first three people to send me the correct three phrases this week will each win a favorite book of mine. This will be a book I have personally read and loved and am now selecting just for you, in the belief that you will love it too. The book I send you may have dog-eared pages and handwritten notes, but I hope you will consider that charming, almost like we’re reading it and discussing it together.

The mondegreens

Ready to play? Here are this week’s three mondegreens:

  • Hoe Comma Leaf Hateful

  • Won Norse Soap Pencil Lay

  • Mare Reek Wrist Massed Due Wall Undo Awe Lug Wooden Height

Tune in next week for the answers!