Christmas Rebus 2

rebus puzzle

This week’s  game

It’s our second Christmas rebus puzzle! Can you tell what Christmas carol is represented by the rebus above?

(Seems like last week’s rebus was WAY TOO EASY, so I hope this one proves to be a little more challenging.)

Email your guess to [email protected]. (DON’T put your guess in the comments—you’ll ruin it for everyone!)

Last week’s name

The name of the carol suggested by last week’s Christmas rebus was, of course, Away in a Manger (A + Weigh “n” “a” Mane + Jar). Absolutely everyone who emailed me an answer got it correct. You guys are too smart!

Fame and acclaim

Now before you rush off to email me this week’s answer, let’s give proper accolades to our first round of winners:

1. Jim Heethuis, you rascal, you did it!

Jim HeethuisNot only was yours the Very First Email I received (at 6:58am), but you were literally HOURS in front of your arch-nemesis Michelle Lagestee, whose email finally floated in at 9:33am! It’s clear you spent the entire off-season training for this—congratulations, Jolly Jim!

2. Welcome, Mike Ridder!

Mike RidderIf my records are correct and my memory is accurate, this is Mike’s first entry in a LifeLines Christmas Game, so it’s quite impressive that he garnered a red ribbon right out of the gate. In fact, he was less than a minute behind Jim, arriving in my inbox at 6:59am. Congratulations, Merry Mike!

3. Nice job, Karl Westerhof!

Karl WesterhofKarl is another newcomer to the LifeLines Christmas festivities, and his third-place email reached me at 7:09am, several minutes behind Jim and Mike, but still w-a-a-a-a-y ahead of Michelle Lagestee. Congratulations, Karl Kringle!

Now, in the spirit of Christmas, wouldn’t it be fun to see three entirely different names here next week? On Dasher, on Blitzen—hurry up and email me your best guesses for Christmas Rebus 2!

And have fun!

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