Reasons to contact LifeLines

There are lots of reasons you might want to contact LifeLines, including:

  • Hiring me to take care of your business writing, so you can take care of your business
  • Letting me know one of my links is not working, or you’re having some other problem with the site
  • Asking me to write a review of your book or product
  • Sending me compliments or money, just to be nice
  • Sharing a clever joke or cartoon

Ways to reach me

(You can also reach me by phone, but I prefer to connect via email first. To be honest, I’m a little introverted, and talking is not my strength. But I understand that some projects are best discussed verbally, so I will share my phone number privately if we need to actually talk.)

Media kit

Members of the media, I totally respect your deadlines, and I apologize if I’m not personally, immediately available when you need my unique insights or a tidy newsbite for a breaking story. That’s why I posted this Media Kit and filled it with valuable resources.

Other places to read my writings

Obviously, this blog is the richest resource of recent writings, but you can also connect with me here: