Correct language? Proper grammar? Who cares?

Could Stephen Fry be right about language? Or, perhaps more important, could he be right about people who take language too seriously? There are parts of this little video that make me want to say, “Amen!” and other parts that make me think, “Whoa, wait a minute there!”

What about you?

For another refreshing take on the inexplicable beauty of language, check out this post by Ta-Nehisi Coates, one of my favorite word-wranglers who happens to blog for The Atlantic.

6 thoughts on “Correct language? Proper grammar? Who cares?”

  1. From: Denise [mailto:[email protected]]

    I LOVEEEEEE IT! Cheering gleefully, yet non-verbally. Particularly like the comment asking what’s wrong with finding sensuality in words and their pronunciations. Truth is, forming certain words not only tickles my fancy… But my tongue. One of those words is “maniacal.” I ACTUALLY remember the first time I heard it.. saying to myself… “Self, I cant wait till i have a reason to use this word!” It matters not to me that anyone else shares my delight in the tongue tickle, one more bit of evidence that I’m self-entertaining.

    By the way.. YES… Given the choice I would choose a conference on words over a night out!!

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  2. How grand to hear someone speak with such passion about WORDS…and how sublime his word acrobatics were! I could listen to this several more times … just reveling in the juxtaposition of his alliteration!

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