Diversity—what more can we say?

I write about “diversity” pretty frequently. But it’s been a while since I felt the need to say anything about it.

Then, as I was looking ahead and planning out my blogging calendar, I noticed an empty slot on May 1. After staring at the blank calendar square for a while, I thought to myself, “I wonder if I should post something related to Cinco de Mayo.” That got me thinking about diversity again.

I did some research and some brainstorming, but in the end, trying to manufacture something to say felt like tokenism.

So instead, I offer this cute Android commercial featuring interspecies animal friendships, and I leave it to you to find the deeper diversity truths for your own lives:

2 thoughts on “Diversity—what more can we say?”

  1. Cute. How nice of the turtle to offer “piggyback rides” to its friends! I wonder about animals secret sense of communication that we can’t understand (or hear) but other animals do. Or is it mostly non-verbal senses? It’s always fun to see polar opposites or animals you wouldn’t picture together, getting along and having fun with each other.

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