Faith, action, and storytelling

A year ago, Living Springs Community Church spent a Sunday morning “being the church.” We broke up into teams, each of which tackled a different project. The teams launched into the surrounding neighborhoods and performed a variety of services—cleaning up some local parks, washing cars at the senior center, writing letters to soldiers, delivering care packages to firemen and policemen, planting trees with Public Works staff, visiting nursing homes, raking people’s leaves.

People came back to the church building after working on their projects all morning, and the excitement was electric! Everyone had stories to tell and pictures to share. It was amazing.

I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say Faith In Action Sunday was my favorite Sunday of all time.

Recalling all that energy makes me wonder if the reason many Christians struggle with sharing their faith is that so often our faith is inactive. I mean, if you’re not doing anything, you don’t have much to talk about. Take a look at last year’s Faith In Action video, and you’ll get a sense of how alive our faith was that day and how easy it was to talk about it!

Worth repeating

Faith In Action 2011 is coming up this Sunday (October 16). I am eager to hear the stories, see the smiles, and feel the energy of sharing our faith in deeds that make the words come so easily.

If you are planning to participate in this year’s Faith In Action, would you post a comment about the project you’ve signed up for? Or if you participated last year, would you post a memory about what you did? Those are good ways to prime the pump for this year!

And if you’re curious about what Faith In Action is all about, you can view last year’s photos and this year’s sign-up opportunities on the Living Springs Facebook page!