Fathers Day dilemma

If you read about my Mothers Day dilemma a few weeks ago, you might have guessed that I would have the same dilemma come Fathers Day. And I do. It’s déjá vu all over again.

You see, I wrote a really nice Fathers Day post in 2010— “Five gifts from my father.” Now, in spite of my personal sincerity, this post never did receive much traffic—probably because I didn’t give it a very SEO-savvy title.

I tried to improve on that last year, and I named my 2011 Fathers Day blog, “Father Knows Best: 4 fatherly phrases that changed my life.” Much better, right? I mean, I led with the word “father,” and I tied in the name of a TV show that many Americans are familiar with. As of this writing, that Fathers Day blog is among my top five most-commented blogs.

Earlier this year my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary. Not only did I post a blog, video, and slideshow about it (see “Love story“), I also solicited stories and photos from my parents’ friends, and compiled those mementos into a beautiful keepsake album.

So, after such a heartfelt series of blogs, videos, photos, captions, speeches, books, and other expressions of love and appreciation, I’m left with the same quandary I faced last month—

What am I supposed to write for Fathers Day this year?


(Writers, have you ever reached a point where you’ve said everything there is to say? Is it ok to start repeating yourself at that point, or do you always need to find something new to say, or a new way to say something you’ve said already?)

So here is my Fathers Day blog for 2012. Straightforward. Simple. Sincere.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad. I love you.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Because you’ve always done the same for me.


8 thoughts on “Fathers Day dilemma”

  1. Perfect, Melanie. Only makes me wish I could tell my Mom and Dad one more time–so don’t stop letting them know. Life is short.

  2. Having lost my father over 25 years ago I often on Fathers Day take
    the time to remember the joy that my Father had brought to many people.
    His spirit lives on with many of my family members and friends…
    My message is;
    Dad I Love You and all of us celebrate your Spirit!

  3. You can always write a check when words fail you! Just kidding!

    I am blessed with great kids.

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