From scrolls, to books, to blogs—learning new ways
to share your story

If you are frustrated with the swarm of blogs and tweets and posts and walls that seem to have replaced the simplicity of a tangible book, you might appreciate knowing that even books were “new technology” at one time.

This video made me laugh out loud:


9 thoughts on “From scrolls, to books, to blogs—learning new ways </br>to share your story”

  1. I just clearly saw myself as friends must see me when they show me how to do something new,to me,on my computer.I am so blessed with patient friends ! This was great,thanks !

  2. So that was really FUNNY!! Dave, I’m right there with you and I am also grateful that I have patient MAC user’s or I would be totally LOST!

    • I know, I love this video! I think I first saw it on a blog about old people and technology, though it looks like it was originally intended for IT people who deal with Help Desk requests all day. I love the actors—the help desk guy is so patient and deliberate about showing the other guy how to open the book and turn the page.

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