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Guess the Christmas Phrase – 2

Guess the Christmas Phrase 2

This week’s Christmas phrase

Can you tell what common Christmas phrase is represented by the photo above? EMAIL your guess to [email protected]. (DON’T put your guess in the comments—you’ll ruin it for everyone!)

Slight change

I heard from several people that it’s impossible for them to be at their computers by 6:00am each Wednesday, so they felt like the game was over before they even could play. (They were still good sports and submitted their guesses.) So this week we’ll have one winner from each of three different time slots: 6:00AM, 12:00N, and 6:00PM. The first correct answer-er in each of those time periods will be the winner. You are allowed to enter in more than one time slot, just to cover all your bases, but you’ll be declared a winner only once. We’ll see how that works, ok?

Last week’s Christmas phrase

Guess the Christmas Phrase 1Last week’s Christmas phrase was “Peace on Earth” (or, if you want to be literal, “peas on Nerf.”) Now, you have to admit, that’s pretty fun, right? Give me some props for coming up with that!

Week 1 winners

Congratulations to our three winners!

1. Judith Robl blazed an early Christmas trail, clocking in with the very first correct answer at 7:19am, and making it undeniable that she is both clever and speedy. Congratulations, Judith!

2. Michelle Lagestee successfully chimed in from her iPhone a mere 11 minutes behind Judith, making it obvious that she is both clever and mobile. Congratulations, Michelle!

3. Ann Schenkel sent her answer just 60 seconds after Michelle, which indicates that she is just as clever as Judith and Michelle, but not quite as speedy or mobile. Congratulations, Ann!

These three Christmas elves will each receive a 1GB USB drive, in addition to the celebrity status they’ve already achieved just for being announced on this blog. Congratulations! (Judith, Michelle, and Ann, email me your mailing address, and I will pop your prizes in the mail.)

By the way, I feel the need to point out that all three of our winners are also LifeLines subscribers. Coincidence? Perhaps. Unfair advantage? No. Being the first to receive inspirational, fun, diverse, and potentially life-changing information—that’s just one of the many benefits of subscribing to LifeLines. What can I say?

You can get those benefits too. Just subscribe!