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Guess the Christmas Phrase – 3

Guess the Christmas Phrase 3

Week 3 Christmas phrase

What common Christmas phrase is represented by the photo above? EMAIL your guess to [email protected]. (DON’T put your guess in the comments—you’ll ruin it for everyone!)

Week 2 Christmas phrase

Last week’s Christmas phrase was “Ho Ho Ho.
(One Ho Ho, plus half a Ho Ho, gives us Ho Ho Ho, right? It makes total sense.)

Week 2 winners

6:00am winner: Michelle Lagestee   Last week’s post went live at 6:00am, and I received Michelle’s correct answer at 6:13am, before subscribers had even received their notification emails! Amazing. So disregard all my encouragement to become a subscriber for the gaming benefits. (Subscribe for the other benefits instead.) Congratulations, Michelle, for the second week in a row!

12:00n winner: No one (What?!)  There was no winner in the noon time slot—set your midday alarms, people!—therefore I awarded two winners in the 6:00pm slot….

6:00pm winner: Nancy Rejholec  Nancy, a self-professed lover of brain games, emailed her correct answer to me at 7:21pm. Like Michelle, Nancy plays these games for fun—not for prizes and glory. But it’s fun for me to award the prizes, so I’m going to do that. Congratulations, Nancy!

6:00pm winner: Karen Racek  Karen is our Christmas example of the importance of follow-through. It was 8:38pm when she sent her email with the correct guess, and maybe she wondered if she was too late. After all, she may have told herself, the answer was so easy—someone must have guessed it by now! In pushing Send, she silenced her own doubts and claimed victory. Go Karen!

These three Christmas angels will each receive a 1GB USB “story storage” drive, and the sincere envy of all their friends. Congratulations!