6 thoughts on “Highlights from <br/>Super Salsa Sunday 2010”

  1. It was a terrific day! Meaningful worship, wonderful food, and great fellowship! Thanks to all who planned and participated!

    • Thanks for all your help with the event, Karin. Your willing hands made light work, and your smile made people feel welcome. The entire Building Bridges team did a great job under the leadership of the Super Salsa Subcomittee!

  2. Great job with the video, Melanie!
    I really appreciate your leadership and commitment to the Building Bridges ministry. You all do a wonderful job and I am proud and blessed to be associated with you.

    BTW… what program did you use to create the video?

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Pastor Jason! Building Bridges is blessed to have a church family like Living Springs to minister among. It makes a huge difference when people have made it a core value to be intentional about being inclusive, and when they genuinely enjoy the adventure.

      I shot the video with my little Flip video, and then I imported it to iMovie for editing and used GarageBand to create the soundtrack. Isn’t Apple great? :)

  3. very fun! wish we could have been there. We’re proud to be a part of you guys!
    Jan 4 Ed 2 (Kotynski)

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