Stuck this winter?
Hire a good freelancer

Hire a freelancerThe winter of 2013-2014 in the Chicago area has been colder and snowier than most. Schools have been closed, businesses have been understaffed, meetings have been cancelled, and work has been delayed.

Missing key employees…

If you are a business owner, you may have had to reschedule important deadlines because key employees were snowbound at home, or stuck in ice-delayed traffic jams. Frustrating, right?

…doesn’t mean you have to miss deadlines

But if you’ve hired a responsible freelancer (like me), the work can go on whether the weather is wintry or wonderful. As long as my internet is intact, I can email you drafts of your brochure, news release, or Facebook posts. You can review them at your convenience, and email or call me with any changes. I can upload files to a printer same-day. It’s possible your printed brochures could be waiting at your office by the time you get shoveled out of your driveway!

Hire a good freelancer (like me)

Yes, of course there are projects that you will prefer to give to onsite staff. But for those other projects, where being physically present at your location is not necessary, why not hire a good freelancer (like me)?

Something to think about while you’re firing up the snowblower again.