Maundy Thursday:
the Great Reconciliation

Pitcher and towel

Maundy Thursday this year falls right on the heels of a series my church just completed about racial reconciliation, so reconciliation is on my mind this Holy Week. And, honestly, what could be more appropriate?

There is no greater reconciliation than the one overcoming the gulf between God and humankind. In fact, that reconciliation is what makes any other reconciliation possible. The sacrifice Christ demonstrated by moving into our neighborhood, the lengths God is willing to go to in order to get our attention, the sincere and selfless hope He has that we will respond—these are the model I need to follow in all my relationships, particularly the most difficult ones.

At Living Springs Community Church, we’ll be marking Maundy Thursday with a foot-washing ceremony. As Pastor Jason Perry explained last Sunday, this will be uncomfortable—but it’s supposed to be. It was uncomfortable—scandalous, even—for the disciples when their Rabbi knelt before them like a servant. Maybe that discomfort kept them from getting the point right away, but I’m guessing the image was burned into their memories and gradually seeped into their own relationships.

I believe it can do the same for me.


4 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday: <br/>the Great Reconciliation”

  1. Well said. How could there be any greater example of reconciliation.
    Servanthood is really not easily embraced but the beginning of new life with Christ.

  2. I went to the Living Springs C. C. Maundy Thursday service.I listened to the words being said but I have always been uncomfortable with the image of Christ washing feet.I observed the foot washing .Most were kneeling looking up at the persons face and smiling as they washed.I was ready to walk away when my 5 year old neighbor asked to wash my feet. She knelt, looked up at me ,smiled and washed my feet as her father had washed her and her sisters feet.
    When she finished I knelt and washed her fathers feet.I was led by a child to become a servant and I was set free,and filled with love.I hope every Christian will allow themselves to experience this, and receive the gift being offered.

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