“More police” is not a vision

More police

At a pre-election forum in the village where I live, several of the candidates spoke about their commitment to making sure we have “more police” keeping our neighborhoods safe.

There seemed to be a general assumption that this was a positive promise to make. But, frankly, I was hoping for more from the people who want to be leaders in my community. I was hoping for vision.

Now, I love my local police, and I appreciate their service. But I feel about police the same way I feel about doctors—I don’t want to need more of them! True health is more than just having the largest team of specialists.

More vision

“More police” is a not a vision; it’s a reaction. I expect more from my leaders.

Vision is about looking toward the future, not dwelling in the past or reacting to the present. It’s about learning from yesterday and using today’s tools to build an even better tomorrow.

I want leaders with vision. I want to vote for people who have ideas about creating a community where fewer police are needed.

Because I want to live in a village where neighbors know each other and enjoy helping each other out. I want my local parks to be full of laughing, healthy families. I want my local schools to be teeming with new generations who are eager to achieve bold dreams. I want my local churches to joyfully participate in public life. I want my downtown to thrive with commerce—because businesses are eager to open here and people are eager to shop here. I want our annual Community Clean-up Day to be unnecessary because people are so proud of their village they would never toss even a candy wrapper out their car window.

More police? No. More vision.

Is that too much to ask?

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