Now or later

Nancy is shown here with her father, John Geertsema. She enlisted LifeLines’ help with his autobiography, “The Geertsema Chronicles.” It was one of my favorite projects! Click the image to learn more about what made it such a treasure.

I had an encouraging phone conversation with friend and colleague Nancy Buis a while ago. She is a subscriber, and she had emailed me to ask how she could “like” or “share” one of my posts. That reminded me to add that feature—so now it’s at the bottom of each post, thanks to Nancy!

(Feel free to use it.)

So when Nancy called about another communications issue she was facing, I thanked her for reading my blog. She replied,

“Oh yeah, of course! To be honest, I don’t always have time to read it, but what’s nice is, it’s always there, every week, and when I do have time, I know it’s going to be good!”

That was good feedback for me. I mean, I know you guys are busy, so I do appreciate the time you spend—not only reading, but also commenting! Thank you for that.

I’m trying to remember to offer you variety from week to week—in post length, media used, and topics discussed—while always staying focused on the mission of LifeLines: “helping you share your story.”

So be like Nancy and just read the posts you have time for now. Or subscribe, so you receive an email each week—then hang on to the emails until you have time to read the whole post later.

Either way, I appreciate you!

4 thoughts on “Now or later”

  1. Melanie,
    Great posts as usual..
    I want to encourage your readers to leave a comment. It doesn’t have to be a long one, but let Melanie know you read it at least.
    Many people read articles on the blogs and then go away until the next one is written. These articles take time and effort and believe it or not they are for you. The least we can do is let Melanie know how much we appreciate her and her articles.

  2. Hi Melanie,

    Just getting back from vacation and going through email. Read this one! ;)

    It’ll be 2 years that my Dad is gone on August 3. “The Geertsema Chronicles” was a very special project to me and it’s nice to know that you really enjoyed it too. It would never have happened without you and never at the professional level it was published. I will always be grateful to you for that.

    • Awww, Nancy, you are too kind! Seriously, your father’s book remains one of my favorite projects. It’s a great example of how meaningful books can become—through the process of writing as well as the finished product that you can read over and over. It was an honor for me to get to know your family a little bit through the stories you and your dad told.

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