October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If cancer is part of your life story, you may have certain traditions that you observe during October—as a way of commemorating someone or showing support for others with a similar story.

My way of showing support this year involves my love of writing and my love of learning:

Love of writing

Part of my mission as a writer is to build connections between people. Years ago, when I helped Bea Hoek write a book about her cancer experience, I was excited about the project because Bea was trying to connect with other people who were facing cancer. My writing helped her say what she wanted to say, in a way that people were able to hear and respond to. It was very fulfilling for both of us.

That original book has now been updated and re-published as Cancer Freedom, and I continue to share it with people because I keep getting feedback that it is still meeting a need. Cancer Freedom is not my story, but I love knowing that I’ve had a role in sharing someone else’s story in a way that blesses, inspires, and encourages others. That’s what writing is all about!

Love of learning

Through the whole process of updating and re-releasing Cancer Freedom, I’ve learned a lot, and that’s been fun too. I learned how to set up a Facebook page for the book, how to record an audiobook, and how to transform a printed paperback into an ebook. I’ve spent time in publishing forums, LinkedIn Groups, and marketing webinars—learning, learning, learning. It’s been exciting, and occasionally exhausting!

Most recently, I’ve learned how to set up a shop on my own website, and I want to keep adding products to this shop, so it becomes a real resource for people. (If you have ideas about things you’d like to see me include, please let me know.) This month, I not only added Cancer Freedom to the shop, in all its various formats, but I also figured out how to create a discount code that’s valid through the month of October!

At least, I think I figured it out. If any of you are willing to give it a try, I would love to learn from your experience! And it will cost you only $2.50 (if the discount code actually works)!

Sharing the love

If you have already read Cancer Freedom as a paperback, I would love it if you would post a comment below. That’s another way to use writing to build connections with each other.

And, of course, you are certainly welcome to read the book again as a PDF, Kindle ebook, or audiobook! You can do that by visiting the Cancer Freedom section of my new online shop, applying the discount, and downloading the format of your choice.

Buy the book for yourself, or for someone you love.

Thanks, friends!

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4 thoughts on “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

  1. Cancer Freedom became my guide on my personal cancer journey.I learned that I blessed someone if I allowed them to help me,and that it is OK for a Christian to be afraid.This is not what I was taught as an American male.This book blessed me so much that I give it to every person I come in contact with that has been diagnosed with cancer.I`ve given this book to friends,customers,and even my ex-wife after she was diagnosed.

  2. I am giving this book away to nearly everyone I meet who has or has a loved one with cancer…since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it helped me so much! Cancer, as well as this book, has been a new path for connecting with people I would have never known before as I respond to stories about cancer with much more than the passing “oh, how hard…” i used to…I thank God for this book -it is short, sweet, gives scripture and a pastor’s letter to comfort you while you walk thru the complicated, treacherous, unknown, but God with you path of cancer…

  3. Janet,we should compare notes someday ! I see the giving of this book ,as I received it from Melanie shortly after my diagnosis,as a form of ministry. I have`nt had anyone from outside of the church, that I have given this book to ,ask me not to pray for them.

  4. David and Janet, thank you for sharing your stories here. You are both examples of the kind of ministry Bea was originally hoping to accomplish by writing and publishing her story. By putting it in book form, she has allowed people like you (whom she doesn’t even know) to reach people she could never reach on her own. I think that’s beautiful!

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