pʍoɹɔ ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ ʇno puɐʇs

A lot of marketers will tell you that you have to stand out from the crowd, grab people’s attention, get noticed, make an impression.

I suppose that’s true. In a sense.

But isn’t it kind of ironic when everyone is trying so hard to be different—just like everyone else?

And isn’t it kind of ironic when we try so hard to stand out from the crowd—as a way to get the crowd to follow us?

Being different shouldn’t be a gimmick. Just be who you are. (You are different!)

Sometimes the crowd will love you. Sometimes they’ll fall in love with something else.

When they do, you’ll be stuck with yourself.

So make sure you’re someone you can live with.


Thanks to Seth Godin, who first served as the inspiration for this post and then showed me the respect of not giving me all the answers.

12 thoughts on “pʍoɹɔ ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ ʇno puɐʇs”

  1. Great post Mel! This is so very true! I think if we stand out just for being who we are naturally, that is enough. I definitely agree with Seth – we have to be someone that we can live with! If we can’t like or love ourselves; we can’t expect others to do so. I think that when we radically fall in love with Jesus; He transforms us into His image. It is His image in us that people are drawn and attracted to. I know that it is your gentleness of spirit and your compassion for others; that draw people to you.

    • Thanks Peggy! It’s not quite accurate to say that Seth says we have to be someone we can live with—although that sounds like something he might say! But Seth posted a blog with an up-side-down headline, and when I asked him how he did that, he graciously reminded me that I could find the answer on my own.

      Thanks too for your kind words about me. :)

    • I think this is being grace-full … being saturated with the beautiful goodness of God and blessing others with the overflow.

  2. I’m with you on this one, Mel. Although, does that make me a crowd? a crowd follower? me? Following Jesus does challenge the way we work at standing out and the way we follow others. I like the yearly questions of Wesley’s “Holiness Club.” A good reminder of things about us that should and shouldn’t be different. Also saw an interesting interview with Brian Welch on “I Am Second.” He gave up Korn to follow Christ, so he could be more Brian than he had ever been before. Shalom.

  3. Agreed, there is always room for more community. Say, what progress on the shoulder? Hoping to see you at tennis some time this summer. Shalom.

  4. Hello Mello :) Love your post! It makes me think of a line from Stevie Wonder – “you can’t form a line if you’re too scared to stand alone.”

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