Preparing for Super Salsa Sunday 2011

Last year’s Super Salsa Sunday included not only Latino-flavored praise and worship, but also Latin-flavored hospitality in the coffee shop after both services. This year’s event (May 1, 2011) promises to be just as flavorful!

Super Salsa Sunday 2010—the first-ever at Living Springs—was such a rich cultural exchange that we decided to do it again!

Sunday, May 1, 2011, the Living Springs family celebrates the flavors and sounds of Latino fellowship. Our second annual Super Salsa Sunday combines Latino-flavored praise and worship, a multi-cultural message from God’s Word, and festive food and fellowship.

We’re excited to have Pastor Pedro Aviles deliver the message this year. He is “an urban Puerto Rican follower of Christ” who teaches at Trinity Christian College in addition to pastoring Grace and Peace Fellowship in Chicago.

Why have a Super Salsa Sunday?

Living Springs’ vision is to be a multicultural church. In fact, we believe our multiculturalism is one evidence of the truth of the Gospel. Because Christ reconciled us to God, we can be reconciled to each other as well. If we don’t live that out, what do we have to share with a hurting, divided, unfair world?

For that reason, we don’t just tolerate different people and cultures—we celebrate them! Super Salsa Sunday is an opportunity specifically to celebrate Latino cultures. And, honestly, we hope that Latino people throughout our community will join us and know they are welcome at Living Springs.

Just as important, Super Salsa Sunday will give non-Latinos an opportunity to experience some elements of Latino culture—music, food, preaching, and language. We’ll learn some things and perhaps confront our own prejudices in a safe, forgiving atmosphere.

Join us!

Living Springs has two services on Sunday mornings— 9:00am and 10:30am. You can also connect with us at:


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