Start your Cinco de Mayo
with Living Springs’
Super Salsa Sunday Celebration

I bought this weaving at a market in Mexico. It hangs on the wall in my living room, next to a Russian painting, a work of Chinese embroidery, and a small engraving I got in Germany.

I am absolutely thrilled that Living Springs church will be taking advantage of any hoopla surrounding Cinco de Mayo to learn more about the various cultures represented by the Latino brothers and sisters who are part of our church family. Even though I’ve been interested in multi-culturalism and diversity for a long time, I have far less awareness of the Latino experience than I should. So I’m glad my church is helping me correct that.

The celebration on Sunday, May 2, will involve Latino-flavored praise and worship, and a sermon in Spanish that will be translated into English, so we Anglos can get a taste of the challenges and blessings of worshipping in another language.

We’ll follow both worship services by making various bocadillos available in the Holy Grounds coffee area. The Building Bridges team I am part of will help with the serving and clean-up.

I’m looking forward to it! I believe this small step is the beginning of a journey toward richer relationships and deeper celebrations. And I hope to have some photos and/or video to share later, so you all can get a taste of Super Salsa Sunday!

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