[Story Break]
After the Storm (a haiku)

After the Storm

Storm wipes out power
Freezer slowly loses cool
Grilled chicken tonight


Why a poem today?

This morning I joined Plinky.com, a site full of creativity-enhancing writing exercises, which gives you a forum for publishing your answers to random questions. Today’s exercise was to write a haiku about the last meal you ate.

I don’t know, do you think exercises like this make good blog posts?

2 thoughts on “[Story Break] <br/>After the Storm (a haiku)”

  1. Mel,this is your blog.If you can make writing about your last meal interesting, and evoke memories in me of meals past, I think you should post it. I read Flannery O`Conner`s stories at my doctors office.Hours of Chemo went by in what seemed like minutes .So I do know the power a great writer has and I don`t think they got that way without developing their skills.

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