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Human Statue of Liberty

Don’t you love it when Snopes.com actually proves something to be true?

For several years, this photo has been circulating the internet with various claims that it is an actual photo of actual servicemen actually standing in an arrangement depicting the Statue of Liberty.

Guess what? It’s true!

Celebrate Independence Day by reading the details Snopes provides about the Human Statue of Liberty.

Happy Fourth of July!

4 thoughts on “[Story Break] </br>Human Statue of Liberty”

  1. Hi Mel!

    Thanks for sharing this picture — it is an AWESOME reminder of why people come to this amazing country of ours! I don’t know if he was in this picture or not, but my grandfather served in WWI; he was born in 1898 and lied about his age so he could join the battle! Thanks for your blogs, they are always on point!

  2. Nice pictures, good lesson in history. Indeed, its hard to imagine, but the statue was a bright bronze color at one point instead of the rusted over green it is now.

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