[Story break] Tom Swifties

I don’t recall where I read my first Tom Swifty, but I do remember being immediately captivated by the wordplay. (Yes, I’m a nerd.) A Tom Swifty is a line of dialogue that ends with an appropriate adverb. Need an example?

“Let’s not cut the Valentine,” Tom agreed wholeheartedly.

Fun, right? Now see how many you can do on your own:

  1. “This hotdog tastes terrible,” Tom said _____________.
  2. “I was fleeced,” Tom confessed _____________.
  3. “We’ve lost the book of fairy tales,” Tom announced _____________.
  4. “Mr. Spock’s ears look ridiculous,” Tom said _____________.
  5. “Undershorts ready,” Tom reported _____________.
  6. “I think I like it under the big top,” Tom suggested _____________.
  7. “I said, ‘Pass the parmesan cheese’!” Tom whined _____________.
  8. “I don’t care if that bouquet is missing a flower,” Tom sighed _____________.
  9. “Doctor, I’ll wait as long as you like,” Tom agreed _____________.
  10. “Baby goats have blue fur!” Tom said _____________.
  11. “Heads I win; tails you lose,” Tom shouted _____________.
  12. “Why don’t they put a battery in this stupid Model A?” Tom muttered _____________.
  13. “This large piano cost me $5,000,” Tom proclaimed _____________.
  14. “Not another pineapple,” Tom groaned _____________.
  15. “I dropped the toothpaste,” Tom said _____________.

This is not an official contest like we’ve been known to do at Christmas, so feel free to put your answers in the comments. And if you know other Tom Swifties, share those in the comments too!