That’s my King, too

I cried in church on Palm Sunday.

There was a lot going on—and it was all beautiful. The kids choir, the palm branches, a number of baptisms, harmonious music, and a message about preparing for Easter. It was really church.

And toward the end of the service we watched a video of Rev. Shadrach Meshach Lockridge‘s famous message, “That’s My King!”

That’s when I cried.

What a message

Rev. Lockridge’s language is so musical, and his delivery is so impassioned—it’s no wonder this six-minute message is now more famous than the man who delivered it. Do a search on YouTube, and you’ll find hundreds of video versions of this message, most of which have been viewed thousands of times.

And, honestly, I think part of the reason it resonated so strongly with me is the conversations I’ve been having with my Jehovah’s Witness neighbor.

I have to pay attention so closely when my neighbor and I are talking, because so often we might be using the same words, but what we mean by those words is miles apart! It’s exhausting.

What a relief

So it was refreshing to hear Rev. Lockridge’s testimony and to just feel the Amen! of it in my heart, to know that he means the same things I mean when I say Jesus is my King.

Of course, it also made me sad for my neighbor, because I’m not sure Jesus is her King. Or if He is, she might mean something different by it. There are several times in this short message when Rev. Lockridge says, “I wonder, do you know Him?” That’s what I wonder about my neighbor.

Take a look at the video below, and see if you feel the Amen too.

The three-minute version

The six-minute version

The version above has been trimmed to 3:20, as most of the ones on YouTube are. If you want to hear the full 6:00, check the version below. The graphics aren’t as slick, but I think the audio is better (though you have to wait a few seconds at the beginning for the audio to start).

On this Easter Sunday, I wish for all of you to know Christ’s resurrection power, to feel His everlasting love, and to share in His victory over all the things that separate us from God and from each other.

Happy Resurrection Day!

6 thoughts on “That’s my King, too”

  1. The six minute version made me really “feel the Amen”! Thanks for posting both versions,Melanie.

  2. Don`t you think that the reaction of the people he was addressing to the words ,”I wish I could describe Him!”added something ? The six -minute version did`nt feel longer to me.

  3. I cried on Easter. Being with my children and husband together and other family and friend and in a new church on the first weekend our church Reunion was closed forever. Thanks for telling us about your experience. Looking forward to viewing the videos!

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