What we’ve learned about “race”
so far

Living Springs hosted a video/discussion series, “Race: The Power of An Illusion,” in three parts—January, February, and March 2010.

Last month the Building Bridges ministry of my church hosted a video/discussion event, using Episode 2 of Race: The Power of An Illusion. Participants were invited to take a survey about the experience. Some of their comments were revealing:

In response to some of the factual information shared, some of my tablemates stated, “Wow, I didn’t know that!” I think that statement is an excellent case in point of why information/ discussions such as these should happen and be shared among different “people groups.”

It’s true—you don’t know what you don’t know, until you put yourself in a situation where you can learn. I appreciate people’s willingness to keep learning.

Nothing can be solved with secular social institutions. Apart from Jesus Christ we are hopeless. Our only hope for unity is in the body of Christ. Therefore, it is the church that needs to step up and get involved. Only God’s truth can bring clear thinking, right wrongs and bring forgiveness.

I’ve heard other people voice similar opinions, that all the “sensitivity training” and “diversity training” they’ve gone through at school or in the workplace has accomplished nothing, that programs won’t work unless there’s a spiritual element. What do you think? It sounds a little closed-minded, but could it be true?

I believe that this is the way to reconciling—one-on-one discussions and developing relationships.

I think the above comment says it all. Whoever wrote that is right on the mark.

Below is one of my favorite comments from the surveys. Especially in light of my recent experience at Classis!

I want you all to know that I appreciate the effort by Living Springs to face head-on the issue of being multi-cultural. I have had contact with Reformed churches that want to be multi-cultural but are not willing to be changed in any way. I pray I’m not offending with this next statement: I would have never known Living Springs was a Reformed church until I read some of your literature! Jesus is what I saw and felt. Being Reformed is important to you, but personal relationships and being Jesus-minded were what was pressed forward.



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