Winner wonderland

Thank you to everyone who played “Guess the Christmas Carol” for the past four weeks! I really had a lot of fun with it, and I appreciated the interaction, the encouragement, and the humor. Thank you!

Below are listed all the winners, from all four weeks. Make sure you read to the very end to learn about the Grand Prize Winners!

Week 4 Winners—

“Joy (2) the World”

Congratulations and Merry Christmas to (pictured above)—
1. Deana Wilson
2. Ann Schenkel
3. Jim Grutzius
4. Judith Robl
5. Nancy Buis

Week 3 Winners—

“What Child is This?”

Congratulations and Joyous Yuletide to (pictured above)—
1. Deana Wilson
2. Nancy Rejholec
3. Michelle Lagestee and Sally Rock
4. Jim Grutzius
5. Amanda Cleary

Week 2 Winners—


Congratulations and Season’s Greetings to (pictured above)—
1. Robin Scheldberg
2. Nancy Rejholec
3. Karen Racek
4. Judy Alderden
5. Marti Topp

Week 1 Winners—

“Deck the Halls”

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year to (pictured above)—
1. Rebecca Holwerda
2. Jim Grutzius
3. Kurt and Julie Benda
4. Joan Schutt
5. Marti Topp

Congratulations, Grand Prize Winners!

Jim Grutzius was the only carol-guesser who managed to make the Top 5 list three times, so he wins the much-publicized LifeLines Story Starter Kit (shown at left). The kit includes an embossed padfolio, complete with a 5×7″ writing pad and a compact LifeLines pen, so Jim can begin taking notes, jotting down memories, capturing inspired bits of prose, and journaling his life experiences—all of which can become part of his memoir one day. The kit also comes with a 1gb thumb drive, so as Jim begins typing up his notes into manuscript form, he can back it up to this drive and carry it around from one computer to another. Congratulations, Jim! Go start your story!

In the spirit of the season, I’m also awarding a Grand Prize to the three people who achieved Top 5 status twice throughout the Guess the Christmas Carol series:

  • Marti Topp (Weeks 1 and 2)
  • Nancy Rejholec (Weeks 2 and 3)
  • Deana Wilson (Weeks 3 and 4)

They also will each receive a LifeLines Story Starter Kit. Those will be delivered sometime after the holidays.


And, as a sample of what can happen when you start keeping a journal and then team up with a brilliant wordsmith to turn it into a published work that can bless thousands, I’m also including with each LifeLines Story Starter Kit a free copy of the paperback version of Cancer Freedom. Usually the people who read this book are cancer survivors, or families of cancer survivors, but for our four winners, the book may be a source of writing and journaling inspiration as well. That’s my hope anyway.

Thanks again for playing! It’s been a fun way to celebrate Christmas and end a wonderful year. Next week, we’ll go back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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  1. Melanie,

    I had a great time playing the Christmas Carol game. Thanks for making the Christmas season a little more fun. Have a Happy New Year!!

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