Words and pictures

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. More often, I think, pictures need words in order for people to really see them. Words give context, meaning, and significance to pictures. For writers, a caption-less photo is a missed opportunity.

Writing exercise

What caption would you give the above photo? Or what story would you make up that this photo could illustrate?

Can’t think of a caption or a story? List some of the questions that come to mind when you see this photo. What do you wish you knew about it?


14 thoughts on “Words and pictures”

    • Well Toni, I could tell you the answers, but that would deprive you of the joy of creating your own story! And, honestly, there’s not much of a “story” that goes with the photo, so coming up with your own will be much more entertaining.

      I once took an art class that taught regular people like me how to “interpret” art by asking yourself questions about what you’re looking at. Maybe the same practice applies here. Questions like, “What is the focal point?” or “What are the dominant colors?” and “What do the expressions on the subjects’ faces tell you?” and “How do you feel when you look at this?” Do any of those spark any story ideas for you?

  1. This dog thinks he’s a snowman, but the actual name of this picture is
    “One of These Things Is NOT Like the Others”

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