Writing, automated

I confess, when I’m writing, it’s easy for me to take technology for granted. When I sit down in front of my MacBook Pro, or jot a reminder into my iPhone, or voice record an idea for a future blog post—I don’t think about all the generations of creativity and engineering that made these tools available to me.

But this video (which I first saw on TimeGoesBy.net, a blog I recommend) renewed my appreciation:


8 thoughts on “Writing, automated”

  1. While very inventive, I’m glad our “Mac boy” doesn’t look like that… I would be scared to have that “computer” in my house! You are right; we have it so good these days… we are entertainingly spoiled. And I confess, I love it!

  2. Well…this led me watch various videos of robots and subscribe to the TimeGoesBy blog after exploring it and finding some interesting stuff there. (That kinda scares me. :))

    It’s amazing to think so much engineering, effort, and time was spent in creating something that worked so…. slowly. Ah, I am a product of my age.

  3. Yikes, 6,000 pieces….how much time did he spend on that? Today? Same patience and persistence….wonder if one of my students has the same drive? How to fan the flame of that kind of drive, desire?

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