Writing from a thankful place

Thanksgiving2014_3233_560wIt’s no exaggeration for me to say I have MILLIONS of things to be thankful for. I shared some of those in last week’s Thanksgiving Top 5 post, but I saved a special one to focus on this week: the LifeLines office I moved into this year.

thankful place
It is a comfortable space, painted in calming-yet-refreshing greens, with plenty of natural light even on gray November days.
Thankful place
The view out the western window is rustic and colorful, and I’ve enjoyed watching the seasons change in the few months I’ve been here.
Thankfuk place
I found this piece of artwork in a furniture store and bought it because it reminds me of both faithfulness and creativity. Florida, family, a poem called “Sand Castles,” and a small rock given to me by a leader I respect—this artwork sparks memories of all that.
Thankful place
My little dog also finds the LifeLines office to be a comfortable place for meditating, collaborating, and hoping it’s dinner time, and I am thankful for his (mostly) quiet company.

So yes, I am writing from a thankful place this year. And while I am thankful for the physical space, and the view, and the surroundings, I hope that my inner place of thankfulness is not dependent on these outer blessings. With poet-priest George Herbert, I say:

“O Thou who hast given me so much, mercifully grant me one thing more—a grateful heart.”

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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