Moment Case for iPhone 6

Moment_570A couple months ago I invested in an iPhone case made by Moment, the same people who make the Moment telephoto lens I use so much. I think Moment is a quality company, and I’ve had good interactions with them. The video and other information on the Kickstarter page for their Moment Case project intrigued me enough that I signed up to be notified when the case was finally produced.

Even though the basic case came in at a price of $70 (it has since been reduced), my previous experience with Moment convinced me to give it a try.

Solid lens mount

Moment_300Obviously, the Moment Case is designed to work with Moment lenses. Not only does it provide a more solid version of the bayonet mounting the lenses screw into, but it also transforms your phone into something that feels more like a camera. For example, the case makes your iPhone’s on/off button work as a shutter button—in fact, you can even press it halfway down to focus, just like you would a traditional digital camera. The button feature is powered by a battery you insert into the case, and the button talks to your phone via bluetooth.

Interconnected electronics

Moment_400Somehow, the battery and bluetooth that are part of the case work with the free Moment app (which you can also use independent of the case). The app gives you finer control over not just focus, but also exposure, white point, and tones. The app also “pairs” with whatever Moment lens you screw into the mount—wide, telephoto, or macro—and somehow makes adjustments accordingly. I had gotten out of the habit of using the Moment app because the first version did not allow the two-finger zoom we’re all used to. Moment 2.2 however does, so I plan to go back to using it, as the app does seem to produce crisper, sharper images than my regular iPhone camera app.

Good grippy-ness

Moment-back_400The case is solid and well made. It adds enough bulk to your phone that you can grip it more firmly while taking pictures one-handed. But it’s still slim enough that you can slip your phone into your pocket. And the rubber-like texture keeps it from feeling slippery when your hands are sweaty, greasy, or numb with cold. If you do happen to drop it, the woolen, felt-like material that forms the interior of the case adds a layer of padded protection.

Recommended for sincere-but-not-quite-professional photographers

I think my Moment Case is a well-made piece of technology that solves some real problems that real people experience when they use the camera that is most likely to be with them all the time. The case has a lot of features I don’t use—because I’m just a photography hack, and I don’t understand what those features do. Even so, it is straightforward and reliable.

If you’re a hack like me, you might not think it’s worth it to invest $70 in an iPhone case. But if your iPhone is the only camera you have, and you want to get the most out of it, I recommend taking a look at what Moment has to offer. Maybe start by downloading the free Moment App and playing around with it. Sign up for the Momentist blog to read about what other phone photographers are doing. As you start to see what Moment can do for you, you might find yourself drawn to their lenses, cases, and other accessories. They are all quality products that are advanced yet simple to use.