Why (do I) blog?

I was at a conference last week titled “Blessings and Burdens: Practical Approaches and Postures for the Use of Social Media in Ministry,” presented by Bruce Reyes-Chow. (You can view and download the slides, which include links to various resources, here.)

Many of you who subscribe to this LifeLines blog are rather new to blogging. You’re not sure what “blogs” are, or why you need them, or how to engage with them. So when Bruce showed this video to the class, I thought, “Cool. I want to share this with my subscribers.” (The good people at Common Craft put together this video, as well as many other short, helpful, “in plain English” videos. Check them out!)

The tagline for my blog (and my business) is “helping you share your story.” Those five words are what this blog is all about. My story is that I help other people share their stories—in books, on business cards, through fundraising letters, on their own blogs or websites, however that story-telling will be most appropriate and most effective. Throughout the process, I’m both discovering and living out my part in God’s larger story.

As this little video says, there are millions of stories to share. And many of them are worth sharing! But people often need help with the sharing.

I like being in a position where I can provide that help.

What do you think? Did this little video help? Which questions did it answer for you? Which questions remain unanswered?a


12 thoughts on “Why (do I) blog?”

  1. This is an interesting coincidence……

    I follow your blog……in Ontario Canada

    Bruce Reyes Chow is my son’s pastor in San Fransico in what is actually a very small church.

    Small world…..

    • Small world, huh? :) Yes, I think Bruce mentioned that his church has about 90 members. In fact, I think he said that a lot of first-time visitors are surprised at how small the church actually is. I guess they assume if a church is using social media well, it must be a mega-church!

      It was a good conference, filled with good examples of how churches can be more efficient—and often more missionally effective—by using social media.

  2. Melanie,
    I’m a friend of Toni’s & in her Success Team.

    Nice blog to explain the purpose of blogging. I especially like the video from Common Craft. They use words and terminology so that everyone can understand the topic.

    • Hi Beth, nice to meet you! Common Craft does a nice job with these videos, and I really appreciate their willingness to let me post this one here. By the way, I didn’t realize Toni had a Success Team—what a great idea!

  3. For a video less than three minutes long it covers a lot … and it certainly would inform those that don’t really know what a blog is. Kind of funny that I’ve always thought of blogging as sharing news or thoughts and perspectives; but it is story telling as well, so this little video ties in nicely with what you do Melanie!

    • Yes, I was glad to learn about Common Craft—if you visit their website you’ll find videos like this on all kinds of topics! Plus, you can hire them to make a custom video on whatever topic you need! It’s a great service.

  4. Hi, I saw your blog mentioned at: The Blog Squad and thought I’d take a look. I have about 100 blogs myself but only a few I frequently update. The blog I “plugged” is where I help people attain their goals at: http://secretrulesforattainment.blogspot.com/ I also offer free “`10 Rules Poster” and “I Am a Magnet” poster along with a goals worksheet for 2011 for anyone who visits. I wish you the best in 2011. Ter Scott!

    • Wow, 100 blogs! How in the world do you have 100 blogs?! That’s amazing. Is your Secret Rules for Attainment blog one that you regularly update? One of the things I learned from Denise at The Blog Squad is the importance of consistent communication.

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