Using your Facebook business page to share your business story

Facebook business page
A Facebook business page can give your business story a place to shine.

First reaction

I’ll admit, I was not always very active on my Facebook business page.

Until Facebook forced me to be.

When Facebook made the new Timeline layout available in 2012 for business pages as well as personal profiles, I was at first annoyed. I didn’t feel like I had time to navigate the change myself, and I didn’t understand what the benefits were. But I knew that if I didn’t make the change myself, Facebook would do it for me.

Second thoughts

So I did it. I took the tour and plunged right in. And I enjoyed it! I was fully engrossed in it! The more I explored, the more ideas I had.

Facebook business pageI realized that I have done a lot of writing for a lot of different people! And my Facebook business page gives me a place to display those samples proudly.

Third place

Now, I already have pages on this blog where I showcase different types of projects and pricing. And I already have a LinkedIn profile where I outline my work history in chronological order. Do I really need a third place to share my business story?

Well, yes.

Each of these online outlets allows me to share my story in a slightly different way to slightly different audiences. That’s what good communication does—it adapts the medium to the audience so that the message can connect.


Throughout the first few years that I had a Facebook business page, it was little more than a place to post my blog link each week. I wasn’t really interacting with people on the page, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a page.

I’m still not ready to commit to a lot of Facebook interaction, but I think I’ve found an idea that will work for me: I’m using my Facebook business page as an “interactive portfolio.”

So, for example, when I’ve done a project for you, and we’re both happy with it, I’ll post a photo of it and create a “Milestone” event that shares the story of that project. Facebook Milestones can include links, so wherever possible I’ll link back to your business, hoping to drive a little traffic your way.

Need an example? Toni Ruppert is a visual artist, and she was commissioned by Living Springs Community Church to create some artwork illustrating three of their core values. Her paintings were unveiled in a ceremony in 2010, and I videoed the event. I posted that video as a Milestone on my Facebook business page. Because Toni has a Facebook presence for her art business, I was able to link to her in my description of that event. When she was notified of the link, she came back to that Milestone and left a comment. Cool, right? That’s what I mean by “interactive portfolio.”

I’d like to do that for all my clients. But, ahem, many of you do not have an online presence I can link to. (Leo Vela’s handyman business and Dave Brown’s roofing business come to mind.) I’m not trying to convince you to be online if you don’t need to be; I’m just saying if you are online and you want some link-love, my Facebook business page allows me to give it to you. If you’re not or you don’t, I usually can link back to a relevant blog I’ve posted, so that’s fine too.

Five questions

  1. Will you do me a favor and check out LifeLines’ Facebook business page?
  2. Will you please click “Like” if you haven’t done so already? (That helps me spread the word about my services.)
  3. If you are mentioned in one of my Milestones, and you want me to add a link to your website or Facebook page, will you let me know?
  4. If you are not mentioned in a Milestone, but would like to be, will you let me know that too? I’m adding Milestones little by little, and I’ll move you to the top of my list if I hear from you!
  5. Will you hire LifeLines to set up and manage your church or business pages? (You might be surprised at the number of new customers and prospects you can interact with there!)

Facebook offers some great opportunities to showcase your work and attract new business. If you need help getting started, let me know!


8 thoughts on “Using your Facebook business page to share your business story”

  1. Thanks the the insights Mel. I have not treated my BLOG as a business page, although I had hoped to make part of it work business for me. Haven’t sold any carvings through the blog. Perhaps the Facebook time line could be my business end as I post carvings as they are completed. Challenge me on this some time. Shalom,

    • Yes, I think you could really use Facebook’s new layout to display photos of your carvings. You could, for example, make an album of your progress through a single carving. Or an album of all your snowmen or all your faces. Or you could make albums according to types of wood. Lots of possibilities!

  2. I would definitely delete all the posts and comments…other than the projects (milestones). I think it will definitely enhance your FB Page. What you may want to consider is posting your blog, then “pin to top” – it will automatically stay at the top for 7 days. Then delete that one and post the next week’s blog link. I’ve done that with CCCC’s page…each month we have a theme, so I “Pinned” March 1st post so everyone would know what the monthly theme was and see the article written about the theme.
    I love your FB cover!

  3. That is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing it. I’m going to put some though into making my own timeline for my writing and editing projects. That’s a slick and simple way of showing off your work. Keep up eighty he great ideas

  4. I agree with Nathan, This IS a great idea! Thank you for the link-love on Facebook and for pointing out on your blog the how and why behind your decisions. Although I am yet a novice, I moved to the new Timeline – – and love it. The Living Springs Community Church project was a joy to complete and thanks to Facebook, many more folks can be introduced to it. This is surely a win, win, right?

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