How’s your website?

Last week I received notification that I had won an APEX Award of Excellence for the work I’ve done on Living Springs Community Church’s website. The packet I received included a certificate that looks like this:

APEX website award

The awarding company is Communications Concepts, and they let me know: “As an APEX award winner, you’re entitled to proudly display the APEX logo in your winning publications and on your website, blog and social media.” So I plan to do that. Proudly. If you get sick of seeing it everywhere, let me know.

Or if you’d like me to help improve your website, let me know that too. (smile)

4 thoughts on “How’s your website?”

  1. Congrats Melanie! I like what you did with the Living Springs website – it looks great and is user friendly.

    • Hey MJ,

      Well done and a hearty congratulations. I don’t perhaps express this as often as I should, but I love the website, and totally appreciate you, and all the work you do to make this website rock! It is a labor of love and know that I appreciate it!
      Dave Izenbart

  2. Congratulations! I am so proud of you that I am congratulating you publicly. ;) And I am glad to hear you will display the logo proudly.

    Way to go!

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