More wordplay

If a judge is disrobed when removed from his job, would an electrician be delighted when fired? Would a tanner be dissuaded?

In a similar vein, can you match the jobs in column 1 to their punny forms of being fired in column 2?

1. angler a. deported
2. banker b. distorted
3. barber c. deposed
4. calculus teacher aaa d. disillusioned
5. cashier e. degraded
6. innkeeper f. disintegrated
7. journalist g. depressed
8. magician h. dislodged
9. model i. deferred
10. pastry chef j. distilled
11. podiatrist k. devoted
12. politician l. disinterested
13. teacher m. departed
14. trapper n. defeated
15. vintner o. debated


If you think of others, share them in the comments! Wordplay is fun, isn’t it?

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