[Story break] Random questions

On humility

Is it possible to be humble and passionate at the same time? So often, when I feel strongly about something, I don’t come across as particularly humble. What would it look like to be passionate without losing a sense of humility?

On patience

Is it a sin to be impatient? Are there times when impatience is appropriate? Was Jesus impatient with the Pharisees? Or with the disciples for that matter? Did Jesus ever feel annoyed?

On faith

Where is the line between great faith and great foolishness? What questions should I ask myself before “stepping out in faith”?

On leadership

Did all of Jesus’ disciples have the spiritual gift of leadership? Did Jesus expect all of them to be leaders? Does He expect that of all His followers? Why does “leadership” get so much more attention than the other spiritual gifts? You don’t see a lot of books, conferences, websites, and summits devoted to the spiritual gift of mercy or discernment. Personally, I’d like to go to a Discernment Summit somewhere.
questions of faith

On politics

Are Christians called to be politically involved? It seems to me Jesus shied away from that.

On God

Does God ever feel powerless?

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  1. Would love to see a post on each of these, your thoughts and the discussions that come out if each. I’ve definitely mulled over the faith and leadership questions!

  2. My answer to the first is “yes.” Humility is not looking down on oneself or being passionless. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. When one is looking to Jesus first, and seeking the welfare of others, then one is humble. And when you find that means to serve God and others, the result is passion.

    • You make it sound so easy, Andre! I find that “passion” is often about righting some kind of wrong. And if I’m pointing out that someone else is wrong, or some system is wrong, or some kind of tradition is wrong, then I find it difficult to sound humble at the same time. And I feel like if I soften my approach, I’m sort of watering down my passion.

      Well, it’s a journey. I’ll keep working on it. :)

  3. Oh gosh I dunno, to me these questions are not as important as one single question: how willing are you to accept responsibility for your actions? For example, patience/impatience– each has consequences. Are you willing to accept responsibility for the consequences?

    • That is an interesting question, William. The one thing I don’t like about it is that it seems to reflect the spirit of individualism that is so common in America. I’m sensing a need to think more in terms of community than autonomy, more we than me.

  4. Purely my opinions from life and studying the truth for 13 years: GOD is all and Almighty; He/She is never powerless. Jesus shied away from politics yes and I believe it’s up to the individual. Personally I think our Government is oppressing the poor while padding their own pockets. What wise men! On Spiritual gifts we all have them and it’s a matter of choice if we want to discover and enhance them. People with great faith biblically were all called fools ie: Paul.

  5. I kept this in my inbox since it was posted because I am always amazed at how you make me consider the hard questions. It helps when dealing with my adult “children” who often have a different viewpoint and approach to life than mine.

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