Sharing your business story

“WRITING IS THE ENGINE OF COMMERCE, and don’t ever forget it. No product or service gets explained, promoted, marketed, publicized or purchased, and no one gets informed, educated, pitched or sold…without writing. And none of the preceding gets done well without good writing.”

(Peter Bowerman, in his January 2011 enewsletter)

Small businesses, are you ready to set yourself apart from the competition? You can, and it won’t require a Madison-Avenue marketing budget, a fancy re-brand, or a new product or service.

Gain a competitive edge

You can set yourself apart with simple, clear, good writing. Writing that gets your message into the minds of your customers and prospects. Writing that accomplishes your purposes.

In the newsletter quoted above, Peter Bowerman goes on to say that “bad writing is everywhere.” Smart companies recognize that good writing can give them a competitive edge.

Make a good first impression

Small businesses, people are making decisions about you based on what they read in your brochures, business cards, form letters, and ads. Each time you use “it’s” when you mean “its,” or misspell accommodate, or add commas where they don’t belong, you are giving people a certain impression of your products and services. Of you.

True, a lot of people won’t notice or care. But a lot of people will. Even if they are not able to verbalize what they don’t like about your message, they are making a subconscious decision about it.

Your business story is too important to leave to amateurs.

Let LifeLines help

Let me help you share your story in a way that gets the response you want. Email me the details of your project, and I’ll give you a customized estimate.

Not sure I can handle your unique project? Consider the variety of clients I served…

I know, I know, it’s a big step to trust someone you don’t know with the business that means the world to you. I understand. Take your time. You might want to ease into things by simply subscribing to this blog. That’s a way of receiving fresh information from me every week, which will give you a sense of the kind of person I am and the kind of work I do.

Remember, “writing is the engine of commerce.” Let’s make sure yours is firing on all cylinders!

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  1. I asked Melanie to design business cards for my small company because I trust her completely.Out of habit of telling people I hire how I want things done,I told her that I wanted a simple antique look for my 85 year old business.Fortunately I also told her to offer her own opinion.What I got from her was a more modern use of color,and images to promote the company name and what it does.I was very pleased with the finished product ! When you hire Melanie you get much more than just her writing skills.

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