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Guess the Christmas Carol – 1

The game

Can you tell what Christmas carol is represented by the photo above? Email your guess to [email protected]. (Don’t put your guess in the comments—you’ll ruin it for everyone!)

The prize

The first three correct responders will be mentioned by name in next week’s post, along with a photo (if you want), and a link to your business website (if you want). Just include the appropriate JPEG and link when you email your guess.

The bonus

“Guess the Christmas Carol” is a four-part series, and all players who make the list of “first three” responders at least three out of four times will receive a LifeLines Story Starter Kit, which includes a nifty padfolio, a hefty pen, and a 1GB memory stick.

Have fun!


Last year’s Christmas series: Christmas Story


5 thoughts on “[Story Break] <br/>Guess the Christmas Carol – 1”

    • Thank you, Julie! Folks, Julie is actually the source of the inspiration for this Christmas challenge. Last year she gave me a copy of a newspaper article about a family that sends out photo Christmas cards every year to hundreds of friends and relatives who have to call with their answers. I thought it was so clever, I wanted to do something similar! Thanks Julie!

  1. Just a reminder—it’s ok to leave a friendly comment like Julie did, but you should NOT put the answer in the comments. If you do that, then everyone who reads the blog will also read your answer. So, a couple of you did post your answer in the comments, and I had to un-post it.

    (I know, I know, this is a lot to remember because I usually WANT you to leave comments! But this time, make sure you EMAIL your answer to [email protected], ok? Thanks.)

  2. Hi Melanie!

    I love this – it is really cute and clever!! I sent you an email with my guess..This was tricky!!


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